Bible Study

Bible Study begins a new year with two new programs:
Wednesday, 9:30am: This year we are starting by looking at Peter’s letters to the church. Some interesting theological ideas have come out of these letters like an explanation as to why Jesus descended into hell. Why? Hmm. The letters also encourage us to holiness, to walk the talk of our faith. Join us for these informative and interesting discussions. All you need is your Bible. The class starts Sept. 12 at 9:30am.
Sunday, 7:30pm: This fall, while it is still light, we will again have Sunday Evening Bible Study. We will use Rob Bell’s new book "What is the Bible?" The book, in simple and modern terms, lays out the humanity behind scripture that we hold so important to our faith. Through a series of questions Bell explores why did God, and why did people, find this important to write down to make the Bible relevant to the 21stC. A great approach to reclaiming the power and inspiration of holy Scripture. The class will start Sept 16 at 7:30pm.