Church Council

The Church Council is the governing body of Christ Lutheran Church. It is made up of 17 members, each with a specific area of responsibility, plus the pastor.


•   Official representative of the congregation in all matters

•   Presides over Church Council meetings

•   Committees - Constitution, Nominating, Budget

Vice President

•   Assists the president and substitutes when he/she cannot be president

•   Holds another council position

•   Committees - Constitution, Nominating, Budget

Business Manager

•   Oversees the church insurance policies to include Little Lights Preschool and the parsonage.

•   Maintains files of all legal documents of the church.

•   Administers various human resources functions including, but not limited to, recruiting, hiring, orientation, training and all employee documentation.

•   Serves a human resources liaison for church staff.

•   Maintains current job descriptions for all staff members.

•   Maintains complete and up-to-date personnel files on all employees.

•   Conducts verbal and written job performance discussions with support staff.

•   Monitors and adjusts, if necessary, support staff performance.

•   Works with Pastors to implement personnel policies and procedures.

•   Committees - Budget, Staff Support


•   Oversees the following educational ministries:

•   Sunday School

•   Confirmation

•   Adult Bible Study

•   Vacation Bible School


•   Reach out to the community at large with information about the church and its activities

•   Organize new member meetings with council members

•   Work with the webmaster of the church website to keep information current.

•   Maintain reading material in the wall racks

•   Reach out to inactive members


•   Coordinate volunteers for the Sunday fellowship hour

•   Delegate, coordinate or assist with church events such as pot-luck meals, women’s/men’s breakfasts, food concessions and bereavement meals

•   Insure kitchen supplies are available and maintained

•   Schedule periodic kitchen cleanups

Financial Secretary

•   Assign and distribute offering envelopes yearly

•   Maintain weekly contribution records

•   Maintain and post Simply Giving statements bi-monthly

•   Create and distribute semi-annual contribution statements to congregation members including final statement by end of January

•   Maintain labels for contribution envelopes and statements


•   Coordinate major fundraising events

Inside Property

•   Advise council and staff on physical plant needs

•   Work with church staff to quantify maintenance and improvement requests

•   Plan and coordinate required maintenance work and improvements

•   Supervise contractors performing inside property work in the church

Outside Property

•   Manage snow and ice removal from parking lots and sidewalks

•   Manage grass cutting, bush trimming, and flower bed maintenance

•   Manage refuse pickup

•   Coordinate spring and fall cleanups

•   Manage repairs and improvements to the outside property of the church and parsonage


•   Oversee the management relationship with the preschool director


•   Coordinate the advertisement of church events in local newspapers, community flyers, and the church website

•   Send notices of church events to other congregations and institutions

•   Facilitate the creation of signs and posters for church events

Social Concerns

•   Plan and coordinate charitable events such as Christmas Tree gifts, bi-yearly used clothing and food drives (ie; Angel Tree, Souls for Souls)

•   Coordinate food delivery to the neighborhood food pantry and pet food to the local animal shelter

•   Make recommendations on the disbursement of charitable funds

•   Facilitate sorting and quarterly delivery of donated toiletries, greeting cards and eyeglasses to various organizations in need

•   Coordinate volunteers for monthly lunch preparation and delivery to soup kitchen

•   Organize volunteers for semi-annual Habitat for Humanity service builds

•   Represent CLC at monthly ELC Food Pantry meetings

•   Coordinate volunteers & plan monthly activities for the residents at Assisted Living residence


•   Record and distribute the minutes of council meetings

•   Oversee the maintenance of and additions to the church archives


•   Plan and manage stewardship drives

•   Create and distribute stewardship brochures, posters and information


•   Serves as financial officer of the congregation

•   Responsible for payment of all bills, invoices and charges

•   Performs or oversees all of the bookkeeping functions

•   Prepares the monthly financial reports for the church council

•   Files all of the required Federal and State tax forms

•   Monitors the cash position of the congregation and invests available funds as directed

•   Empowered to borrow funds as directed by the church council

•   Provides the congregation with any requested financial information

•   Assists in the preparation of the Annual Budget for the church council

•   Committees - Budget


•   Oversees of the music ministries of CLC

•   Oversees and schedules service assistants, including the ushers, lay assisting ministers, greeters, acolytes, and candle bearers

•   Oversees the Altar Guild

•   Provides thematic focus and activities recommendations to Lenten and Advent services

•   Schedules music for summer services

•   Monitors expenses for relevant responsibilities

•   Writes and solicits information for annual reports for these activities.


•   Plans and coordinates events for Luther League and Confirmation youth

•   Assists with Sunday School planning and events when required

•   Assists with Vacation Bible School event planning and coordination

•   Committees - Youth